Location to config file



This file needs to be edited before running the make commands.

<path to source root>/docker/



Need to restart each scoring engine service once the config is modified.


Configuration Keys


Each of these config keys can be expressed via environment variables (and take precendence over the values defined in the file). IE: To define target_round_time, I’d set SCORINGENGINE_TARGET_ROUND_TIME=3.

Key Name Description
checks_location Local path to directory of checks
target_round_time Length of time (seconds) the engine should target per round
worker_refresh_time Amount of time (seconds) the engine will sleep for in-between polls of worker status
worker_num_concurrent_tasks The number of concurrent tasks the worker will run. Set to -1 to default to number of processors.
worker_queue The queue name for a worker to pull tasks from. This can be used to control which workers get which service checks. Default is ‘main’
timezone Local timezone of the competition
debug Determines wether or not the engine should be run in debug mode (useful for development). The worker will also display output from all checks.
db_uri Database connection URI
cache_type The type of storage for the cache. Set to null to disable caching
redis_host The hostname/ip of the redis server
redis_port The port of the redis server
redis_password The password used to connect to redis (if no password, leave empty)